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Information for Recipients

Information for Recipients We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our egg donation program. Choosing an egg donor agency is very important, and for some, finding the right young woman to help them in their journey to become parents can be overwhelming. However, as we've been told over and over again by our patients throughout the years, finding the right young candidate is very rewarding and brings a sense of ease to this otherwise difficult journey.

Our job as an egg donation program is to become your advocate through your journey, thereby allowing you to focus on what is important, your pregnancy and growing family. From the moment you phone or email our office, we will strive to be your primary resource, answering your questions and giving you helpful tips along the way. We will become the third party communicator between you and your chosen egg donor. We will also be here for you afterwards, during your pregnancy, cheering you on!

Please feel free to call our office at 541.266.8284 and we would be happy to tell you more about our egg donation program or talk about any of the egg donor candidates that interest you.

Our egg donor database is prepared so that you can view complete profiles of potential egg donor candidates from the privacy of your home. Upon contacting our office, we will provide you with a password so that you may search for and view the profiles of potential egg donor candidates. Each egg donor profile provides not only several photos submitted by the egg donor, but it also provides you with the egg donor's academic background and her personal and extended family medical history. The medical history section includes detailed information about the egg donor candidate, as well as extended family members such as parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, as well as cousins.

Our egg donor candidates complete a detailed personal narrative, answering questions pertaining to hobbies and talents, fond memories during childhood and adulthood, life and career goals, as well as daily activities. Our office feels that this section of the application provides substantial insight into each of these generous women's lives. Furthermore, we pre-screen applicants through telephone interviews in order to present you with only the most intelligent and sound-minded women who have a firm understanding of the responsibilities of their donation. We ensure they have the knowledge, commitment, and dedication required to be an egg donor.

Our office staff offers guidance and support to you and your egg donor through your journey, including but not limited to the selection of a physician and fertility clinic, medical screening and psychological assessment, financial considerations, travel coordination, and contractual details between you and your chosen egg donor candidate. We act as liaisons between you and your selected egg donor in order to provide you the best experience with the least amount of stress.

When you have selected your egg donor, she is contacted and asked if she is willing and able to help you during the timeline in which you plan to cycle. If she agrees, a legal contract is drawn up by an attorney representing you and is forwarded to your egg donor's attorney for review and signing. Once in place, your fertility clinic will proceed with psychological and medical screenings, completed at your clinic or at a clinic nearby your egg donor at a site approved by your fertility clinic.

Once your egg donor receives medical approval and the necessary legal and financial considerations are completed between you and your selected candidate, we will coordinate medical appointments with your fertility clinic, as well as find a center nearby your egg donor so that she can be monitored locally until later in the egg donation cycle. We will work with the egg donor coordinator at your fertility clinic to ensure that donor information is received and your egg donor feels comfortable with the professionals she will be working with, both at her local fertility clinic and your fertility clinic where the egg retrieval will take place.

Overall, your happiness is important to us. Your decisions are personal and confidential and we strive to be the most caring and helpful egg donor program nationwide.

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