Egg Donor Compensation $7,000+
Prior, successful Egg Donors may receive more than $7,000.  
Agency Fee $5,000
Additional fee of $1,000 for international Intended Parents outside the United States.  
Egg Donor Legal Counsel $500
Cost for Egg Donor to have the Egg Donor-Intended Parent legal agreement reviewed by independent counsel.  
Egg Donor Complication Medical Insurance $650
Primary medical insurance covering Egg Donor in the event of any unexpected medical complications arising from cycle.  
Phone Conference or In-Person Meeting (For semi-anonymous or known matches only) $ Varies
Cost of phone conference or in-person meeting between Egg Donor and Intended Parents with facilitation by Agency. Must be pre-authorized with Agency prior to Egg Donor selection.  
Egg Donor Screening $ Varies
Your clinic may perform screening (including but not limited to communicable disease testing, psychological evaluation and genetic screening) on the day your Egg Donor visits your clinic. Alternatively, she may have screening locally in her hometown if not required to travel. The average screening expense is between $2,000-$5,000 for first-time Egg Donors and may or may not already be included in your IVF package paid to your clinic.  
Egg Donor Monitoring $ Varies
If your Egg Donor does not live near your fertility center, she will need local monitoring, including ultrasounds and blood work, for several days prior to her travel to your fertility clinic. This price ranges between $1,000-$3,000+.  
Egg Donor Travel/Lodging/Food $ Varies
If your Egg Donor is required to travel for her retrieval, she will be provided with a per diem for food and transportation, as well as round-trip airfare (when needed) and hotel accommodations.  
TOTAL $13,150+
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